Retire as a snowbird

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Have you considered SNOWBIRDING?

Snowbirding has nothing to do with snowboarding nor is it a winged monster. It is new term for a lifestyle that many active retirees are enjoying.

Snowbirds are individuals (mainly retirees) from colder or northern places who spend considerable time in warmer places. It’s a sort of seasonal human migration.

Most snowbirds especially retired folk are out of northern and Midwestern US states or Canada and they fly down south for the winter season. Warmer destinations include California, The Carolinas, Arizona, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Some bring their homes with them in the form of campers or RVs (recreational vehicles). Many go to the same place every year if it be a favourite golf resort, spa destination or RV park.

In fact, they rely on seasonal retired people for a big part of their earnings. It’s thought that snowbirds, due to the length of their stay, bring more dollars to the local service and hospitality industry than ordinary tourists.

Believe or not, there are sites devoted to snowbirds from around the world.

There are a number of locals however, who don’t welcome snowbirding retirees with such open arms.

The Urban dictionary defines snowbirds in its customary tongue-in-cheek manner as”irritating old individuals who come down to Florida every winter to clog up roads and drive like maniacs”.

A substantial number are business owners with the money and flexibility to spend a couple of months away from home.

Some snowbirds own homes in the locations they migrate , renting them out when they aren’t living there. Popular summer jobs include restaurant and retail work particularly in areas popular with tourists.

There are many advantages of snowbirding or spending your winter at the same place each year. You might have met a circle of friends or a normal eating joint and you may develop a routine.

Picking a destination for your snowbird vacation is different from picking any other holiday. You might want a location that is closer to convenient shops and other amenities. For a short-term holiday that this is less of a consideration. The accessibility of a fantastic hospital or church may also be a factor. Perhaps you belong to a golf club, or ballroom dance institution that has sister clubs in that area. Or perhaps it is closer to a family member.

For those still in employment or working part-time your company might even allow you to work from the local branch office.

There are plenty of alternatives for your snowbird stay. Do some research, test out some choices and make sure to enjoy yourself! Oh. . .but don’t go on the shore with speedos. The locals don’t appear to like that much!

Buying a house boat

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A lot of people have thought about dropping out of the rat race and retire into a live aboard boat so as to experience the easier life and travel to exotic places. There are many benefits associated with this sort of lifestyle, and waking up in the morning to the smell of the salt atmosphere and friendly neighborhood tropical birds looking for their morning breakfast in your backyard are definitely in the top two! Once you’ve made the choice to live aboard a boat, then there are several more options that you want to decide on.

What type of boat will it be, a mono-hull or a catamaran? How much money are you prepared to invest into the ship and where will you dock it? There’ll be so much less space than what you’re used to at a home, and storage places will come at a premium. Some ships have more space than others, and before long you’ll find that out once you start attending boat shows across the country or world. How much comfort are you willing to give up for a life of adventure on the high seas?

They have a deep keel so as to assist as ballast and to keep the vessel vertical, which is highly beneficial if you’re out on the sea! But due to this keel, there will also be a fantastic deal of rolling and rocking from side to side as waves hit the ship. If you aren’t used to this motion, you might well wind up with a bad case of sea sickness that will spoil your cruise. Mono-hulls do tend to have more space onboard for living and storage however, because the shape of the hull is extremely conducive to that in regard to depth. You will immediately realize however, that the width or width leaves much to be desired and is often narrower with respect to the complete length.

In my opinion the hull of selection is the catamaran, which is a considerably wider or beamy vessel, and some of the larger boats are so secure in rough weather a champagne glass sitting on the galley table won’t tip or fall over! The ideal length for a cruising catamaran to comfortably accommodate a married couple is anywhere from 36 feet to 55 feet, and the price goes up quite a bit each foot that is added on. For example, the normal 50 foot mono-hull might have a 12 -16 foot beam, but a 50 foot catamaran may have a 26 – 30 foot beam! This really leads to stability in very rough seas, with a huge decrease in the side to side rolling of the mono-hulls. A catamaran has two hulls with an open space between them for the seas to pass through and normally the galley and living area sitting out of the water between the hulls. This contributes to good visibility above the water, and a nice wide area for cooking, eating, and entertaining yourself and guests. Some versions will have the galley found down in one of the two hulls to make more living space above. The sleeping areas, cabins, and heads are located down in the hulls on both sides of the boat, and based on the size can normally accommodate up to 4 couples.

The biggest drawback I have personally seen with catamaran ships is the”turnaround room” when standing down in the hulls. I do an”elbow test” when down in the hulls, so that I am standing with my hands on my buttocks and my elbows out and then I stand in one place and turn around in a circle. If my elbows touch or knock anything, it’s a really cramped space! Unfortunately, the majority of the vessels I have examined had this drawback, but I did find one 52 foot South African boat that passed this test. In fact, there was so much living area and storage area on this boat that I call it a”condo catamaran”! It was pure luxury, with up to six cabins on a normal design, or for the discerning owner they could have one whole hull just for them which is called the”owner’s design”. This is the layout that actually appealed to me, and will offer much cupboard space and a very private living room for those long voyages with guests. I encourage everyone who is looking for the perfect vessel to go to as many boat shows as they could so they could personally check all the many factors involved and also to see if it’s something you can live on. The Miami International Boat Show will usually have plenty of both mono-hulls and catamarans for viewing and comparison.

Another factor or decision that you’ll have to make is whether it is going to be power or sail. For those people thinking about doing an around the world trip, they may seriously consider buying a sailboat because it is going to become much cheaper and there actually aren’t as many boats that could carry enough fuel for those trans oceanic voyages. For those people planning to stay closer to shore or mostly coastal travel might look for power boats, even though the fuel will still be a problem for most trips. There are a few boats that have been intended for long range expedition voyages which are less than 55 feet long, and they can carry enough fuel to transit the Pacific or some other extensive cruise. But for a power boat of this size, be prepared to spend close to a million U.S. dollars or more for a brand new boat. By far the great majority of round the world cruisers will decide on a sailing boat, either catamaran or mono-hull. Catamarans tend to be more expensive due to the size and desirability of them, and they also may have higher marina fees associated for the widths. In fact, a great percentage of them may not match in some marinas due to how wide they are, and will have to anchor out in the harbor and use a dinghy to travel back and forth to the shore. This can be very time consuming and tiring, particularly when travelling back and forth with many packages of food, beverages, or other items required to restock the boat. These are the sorts of things you will need to consider before you decide on and purchase your live aboard boat.

Are you a seasoned sailor or boater, or will you will need to arrange for some courses to learn more about being on the water? There are plenty of Coast Guard Auxiliary or Power Squadron facilities around in the U.S. that could offer the appropriate training required to safely operate your new vessel. It’s essential to feel comfortable with the operation of your ship, and take it abroad for small excursions as often as you can before you embark on any lengthy cruise from shore. Become an expert, after all, your life will be at stake! Be ready for any situation, whether it’s mechanical or medical, and know what to do to repair it. Take a marine mechanic training course, since if your ships engine breaks down far out at sea you’ll want to know what to do to correct the issue. You won’t be able to just bring the ship into the nearest shop at there!

There’ll be many decisions that you are going to need to make before choosing and purchasing your new boat and likely training you will need in order to safely manage it, but the benefits of this lifestyle more than outweigh the negatives. You’ll need to be ready for a total changeover in contrast to living ashore, due to the cramped conditions and inconveniences associated with boat living. Pick wisely, learn all you can before you purchase, and get ready for the time of your life!

Marry your best friend

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Marrying your very best friend is in fact the best option, since enough spiritual attachments would have formed via non-sexual interaction and action with the best friend before sex is introduced.

After a few years of being friends with somebody and having grown closer to this individual to the extent of becoming best friends for quite a while, even many years or decades, many a person suddenly realized they are in love with this ideal friend. In most cases when a person has feelings for another, the feelings or feelings are reciprocal; differently those feelings will not be there.

By the time these two have sex, whether premarital or only after getting married having successfully abstained, enough religious attachments shaped that joined the two souls on the perfect levels in the correct elements and sequence. This way results in the attachments to form the right way before sex as was intended for the majority of humans with souls, other than religious attachments having formed only on the sexual level due to sex which was introduces too premature.

Oftentimes best friends of the opposite or even same sex, make commitments toward one another, not realizing or understanding what happens in the spirit world in doing so, which contributes and is to the benefit of a successful life-partnership. If enough time was spent together interacting in a nonsexual manner, where the perfect feelings have formed, developed and grown to full capacity, the attachments could form ardently and secure properly with equal and balanced emotions and capacities that would last a lifetime when commitments are made or vows are taken.

Individuals should fall in love with another’s traits, personality, contributing conducts and abilities, etc., yet when people start having”butterflies” around a specific individual, they immediately want to share themselves, their souls or the entire bundle and joy of sex with that person. When sex is shared in this early stage it destroys the chance of growing love on a top degree that would be in existence for life and beyond. Having attached the perfect way through the right behavior is permanently beneficial to souls, as love is taken with into the afterlife, merely for having experienced being loved or having loved another truly, that is absolutely not true with sex!

The benefit of marrying one’s best friend is that one is 100% sure one is loved for the right reasons and not for good sex, one’s genitals or sexual infatuation that most definitely would ware off after a while.

Sex can not cause souls to join or combine (form religious attachments) on another degree, aside from the sexual level, such as the”Love level” or the”Mental/Intellectual degree” or any of the other possible levels where souls could attach to form a unification.

To protect one’s own soul it is best to have monogamous sex with only 1 partner throughout life, which would cause one’s soul to become and keep clean from religious contamination to end up in the ideal place in the afterlife and to have the safety of true love, but more importantly to enjoy one’s life while in a life-partnership.

Picking a nail color

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Lets put the boring, overdone red & pink nails aside, with the huge array of nail color options out there we have the chance to let our nails show off our broad side. Here’s a list of some of nail varnish colours which take their wearer for a walk on the wild side and also a bit about what they say about you.

The shiny glint of silver has always been tasteful & looks great on short, shapely nails. Believe it or not, the wearer of silver is often more refined and classic compared to those who opt for golden colors. However a steely glint also suggests inner strength beneath the shine. Those who opt for silver are often highly adaptable and able to dress up even the most dull of outfits, just like the color.

By any criteria Gold is a brassy color whether it’s got a metallic glow or a warm, buttery yellow glow. Gold is the real colour of money and often displayed as a sign of one, but remember that it does not always make that impression – sometimes less is more.

Glitter in any color is bold and bold, & worn right it provides a glamourous glow to any outfit. This is a tricky polish to pull off & can only be worn by teenagers and people with the right style. Smaller glitter suits a wider assortment of personalities and tend to be worn by those people who are young at heart.

Although frequently written off as a vampy colour, black is not just for depressed teenagers anymore. There is an element of class that goes along with jet black nails, shiny or matte. Looks classic on short, square nails – (long claws just says’vampy’) & paired with the right outfit says more chic than goth.

Although it is a sunny, happy color, it is not always an easy one to pull off nails. Choosing the right yellow for your skin type is essential, but the ideal shade can brighten everyone’s day. Often worn by people who appreciate the small things (like rainbows) and have a young spirit they prefer to share. People who adore yellow can be a bit blue, but often a bright, lively color helps to change that.

Not generally worn as a sign of overall mood, blue will pick up people by giving them a moment of tranquility. From light to dark those who select blue are often nature lovers who can appreciate a cloudless sky & the power of the ocean tides.

What Color Are You?
This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, there are a countless variety of polish colors out there. Nevertheless, these are some of the more popular of the wild shades that people use to communicate their moods & personalities.

Symptoms of cancer

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There are several types of cancer that are normally found in women, which include breast, cervical, ovarian, vaginal, and colon cancer. As a woman, you need to know the warning signs of each of these diseases to be able to keep them from occurring. If you experience any of these signs and you suspect that you may have cancer, you should see a physician immediately. Chances are, you might not have it, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Here are seven signs of cancer in women you should know:

1. Pelvic Pain

But if the pain persists even after you’ve had your period, it might be a symptom of endometrial, ovarian, cervical, fallopian tube, or vaginal cancer.

2. Abdominal Swelling and Bloating

This is a common symptom of ovarian cancer. Sometimes it’s accompanied with a persistent lower back pain also. Although bloating is commonly linked to indigestion, you can not just ignore it. Particularly if it gets so bad that you can not even button your jeans.

3. Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

This might be a symptom of gynecologic cancer, especially when you have a heavy periods and bleeding between periods. Bleeding during and after sex could also indicate and link to cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancer.

4. Persistent Fever

You should consult a doctor if you’ve had fever for more than 7 days. It may be an indication of cancer, but it could also be due to other less life-threatening disease. Persistent stomach upset or bowel changes during the uterus is something you should also stress about.Constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, or bloody stool could be a sign of colon cancer.

5. Unintentional Weight Loss

If you lose 10 or more pounds without even trying (no exercise, no diet), you should see a physician to consult about the possibility of havingcancer.

6. Abnormalities at the Vulva or Vagina

Vulva or vaginal abnormalities could be a sign of vaginal cancer. These may be in the kind of sores, blister, changes in skin color, and unusual discharge. Regular check-ups with a gynecologist can help you prevent gynecologic cancer.


Women are advised to do regular breast self-examination.